OBG with Infertility

Sanjeevini offers a complete range of facilities for investigation of infertility. Treatment is coordinated with the assisted conception centre and an ‘IVF’ laboratory and further tests are carried out depending on the problems. The issues of assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as in-vitro fertilization, ovulation induction, and artificial insemination are further discussed if other options fail. We understand the problem intricately and try to solve the issues.

Well Women Clinic
The Well Women Clinic is designed to evaluate women’s health issues. So to ensure her health, we provide preventive health screening services to women of all ages.

Well Women Check-Up
at Sanjeevini Hospital is a gynaecological check-up designed for the today’s women keeping in mind her risk factors to ailments such as breast and cervical cancer. An early detection of these diseases can lead to complete cure and help them to lead a normal life.