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The ambulance service provided by the hospital is quick and agile. Critical Care Ambulance at Sanjeevini Hospital has been built to serve as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit. It is equipped with a transport ventilator, a sophisticated multi-para monitor, defibrillator cum pacemaker, infusion pumps to ensure precise delivery of medications and portable suction. Of greater importance is the transport team, consisting of an ICU trained doctor, nurse and paramedics.
Bariatric Surgeries is a tool to help with weight loss. It is often called weight loss surgery. People who undergo this surgery need to make lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and regular exercise are needed along with surgery.
These are highly versatile support surface which can be used for labour, delivery and recovery. These beds are specially designed to allow optimum access to the mother and baby through all stages of the birthing process. This motorized, versatile LDRP bed enables the obstetrician as well as the patient to perform their respective roles with comfort and ease.
A completely separate department which will be headed by a renowned cardio thorasic surgeon of more than 20 years of expertise.
Children with mild to moderate symptoms may ONLY NEED PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERVENTIONS to achieve significant improvement. The hospital has a special child guidance centre which works with Mentally retarded children,
The diagnostic service involves accuracy, precision and timely reporting and is the hallmark of the service provided by the hospital. Sanjeevini Hospital features the most sophisticated and advanced technologies for the diagnostic purposes.
The hospital is specialized in the assessment and treatment of all disorders of the ear, nose, sinuses, throat and the larynx. Sanjeevini Hospital is geared to tackle the most complex diseases of the above organs, medically and if required surgically.
An Echocardiogram is a noninvasive procedure that uses sound waves (ultrasound) to evaluate how well the heart is working.This is done to evaluate the condition of the Heart,valves and pumping of blood.
Pregnancy is a physiological process but it can be pathological in some situations which can be termed as high risk pregnancy. The patient's age also plays a major role in causing a hindrance during pregnancy.
The hospital is fully equipped to treat all types of medical cases including critically ill patients. We have facility to admit patients in the high-tech Intensive Care Units with advanced monitoring facilities with Central Nursing stations.
The hospital's Nephrology department is fully equipped with advanced facilities. The department delivers high quality routine Nephrology services in evaluation of renal functions in both the inpatient as well as outpatients settings.
The NST is another way of externally monitoring your baby. The NST can be done as early as the 27th week of pregnancy, and it measures the FHR accelerations with normal movement. The same monitors described
Sanjeevini offers a complete range of facilities for investigation of infertility. Treatment is coordinated with the assisted conception centre and an 'IVF' laboratory and further tests are carried out depending on the problems.
Cancer treatment has acquired a new dimension through highly sophisticated treatment techniques in the oncology department. The hospital provides excellent and high end cancer care with highly committed professionals
We have three Operations theatre's catering to all the departments. They are built with superior technology with laminar air flow. The large OT will cater to Neuro/Ortho/Major/complicated cases. Other is the
Sanjeevini hospital is well structured and monitored to tackle all the basic, advanced and emergency orthopedic problems and surgeries. It is well equipped with ultra modern operating theatre and state of the art physiotherapy
The hospital offers pediatric specialties from child birth to adolescence with latest health facilities of higher standards combining expertise and experience of eminent doctors. The key factor is "friendly attitude & caring
The hospital provides comprehensive care for a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders & psychological problems. Diagnostic and Treatment for all Psychiatric and Neuro - Psychiatry. Manic depressive disorder / Panic disorders
Our radiology team includes renowned specialists in every area of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, such as abdominal imaging, breast imaging, interventional neuroradiology, interventional and vascular radiology
All basic & advanced surgeries will be performed. All modalities of high end laproscopic surgeries - exclusive laproscopic OT is dedicated. Pediatric surgery, stereotactic neurosurgery and pinhole surgeries.
The department of urology at Sanjeevini Hospital deals with the management of urinary stone, cancer of the urinary tract and male genital tract, enlargement of the prostate gland, male infertility, urinary tract infection and urinary incontinence
Vascular Surgery is the evaluation and treatment of diseased arteries and veins. Vascular care is based on what is the best treatment for each patient on an individual pathway with continuous treatment provided from the beginning