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Sanjeevani Foundation was started with a mission to enhance the quality of life for all. Sanjeevani Foundation advocates for positive social change and delivers value to members through information, advocacy and service.

Sanjeevini Foundation is a non-profit charity, that helps people any age group, who are at social and economic risk. The Foundation’s programs provide security, protection and empowerment for persons in need.

Sanjeevani Foundation is non-profit and wants to provide quality medical opportunity to those in medical and financial crisis. Our Foundation is looking forward to get support from you or from your company to help those needy who come seeking our hospital services.

Donations may be made by cheque in favour of “ Sanjeevani Foundation “and can be forwarded to Accounts Officer, Sanjeevani Foundation, Sanjeevani Hospital, #761, 7th Main, Last Bus Stop, Near Swimming pool, Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore-560 086, Bangalore, clearly indicating the donation is towards patient treatment & welfare.

Donation Required:

Age: 3 years
OP Number: 66122

Master Yogesh aged 3 years is diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder, CHROMOSOME 46XY, right descended testicle and hypospadiasis.

Doctors have informed that Master Yogesh has to undergo PENOSCROTAL HYPOSPADIASIS AND NON PALPABALE LEFT TESTIS

Cost for the surgery is pegged at INR 1 lakh 30 thousand, but the patient family can only afford to pay INR 50 thousand only.

They have approached Sanjeevani Foundation for the remaining INR 80 thousand, to help them.

Kindly donate whatever is possible to help Master Yogesh for his surgery. You can contact Mr. Viresh on +919591434723 for more details.




Recent Success Story by Sanjeevini Foundation & Hospital
Sanjeevini Foundation has raised funds to help poor patient who underwent surgery and who was in need of Medical Treatment.
Age: 3 years
OP Number: 66122
Master Yogesh aged 3 years is diagnosed with a CHROMOSOME 46XY, Right undescended testicle and pereneal hypospadiasis with penoscrotal transposition with bifid scrotum.
Doctor has informed that, Master Yogesh has to undergo
1. Correction of chordee.
2. Proximal TIP repair with distal ducketts urethroplasty.
3. Correction Penoscrotal Transposition.
4. Scrotoplasty.
Cost for the surgery is INR 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees, but the patient family was only able to afford to pay INR 50 thousand rupees only.
They have approached Sanjeevini Foundation for the remaining INR 80 thousand rupees, to help them. And Sanjeevini Foundation & Hospital have helped them to get the surgery done on 23rd February 2017, guided by our MD Dr. Subhash K Readdy Senior Pediatrician & Surgery done by Dr. Narendra Babu. M Pediatric Surgeon the patient is also keeping well,
Thanks to the Donator !
Who donated their kindness, care and helped the boy and his family to recover from his Medical crises for making the life of this boy very delighting as ever …

Master Yogesh has under gone penoscrotal hypospadiasis and non palpabale left testis
         Before the surgery                                            PRE OP During the Surgery                    

Before the surgery1During Surgery










After surgery

After Sugery1After Surgery

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